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Real data for a smoother ride

ShockWiz is an automated suspension tuning system for mountain bikes. It provides riders with accurate readings & recommendations for air pressure, spring rate, compression, and rebound.

A device is attached to the bicycle suspension hose which sends pressure data via Bluetooth to a smartphone. The ShockWiz app then displays this useful information in real time, recommending adjustments for the rider to make based on track conditions and their own custom style.

ShockWiz device and mobile app
ShockWiz device mounted on bike fork
ShockWiz device mounted on SRAM RockShox suspension


In 2015 we were engaged by entrepreneur Nigel Wade to develop his idea for a new device to help all mountain bikers gain more enjoyment from their ride. Our managing director Ayrton Sue, a fellow mountain bike enthusiast, can be seen with Nigel in this early marketing video on Kickstarter.

After successfully raising funds to help bring the project to life, EEA and Nigel began development on the product. Nigel sold the product to SRAM, a premium bicycle component manufacturer from the USA.

We were contracted by SRAM to undertake electronics and firmware design, calibration, testing and app development.

Prototype ShockWiz device mounted on bicycle fork

Tiny yet Tough

Development started with a 'Frankenstein' prototyping of off-the-shelf development kits wired together. Nigel and the EEA team undertook the entire UX design with heavy input from a range of mountain bikers.

Initial creation and testing of the firmware was undertaken by Ayrton and Nigel in-house using our own mountain bikes. We assembled the first twenty working circuit board prototypes right here in Perth.

ShockWiz old firmware board for electronics development

Testing & Calibration

We created the first calibration and testing rig, which was automated by a Python program actuating high pressure air valves. A precision sensor was used to take measurements and a ShockWiz device sent it from Python over BLE. This rig successfully calibrated all 500+ Kickstarter Devices.

Our team also commissioned the end-of-line test and calibration unit along with a fully automated continuous integration unit.

An app to get the most out of every ride

ShockWiz needed an intuitive mobile app with lots of features to convey complex information easily, and we delivered. We drew up the whole app on a large whiteboard and worked our way through from there, using slider pages to quickly suggest adjustments to riders. We also provided users with easy access to details on how ShockWiz works and how the system came to these suggestions.

A Resounding Success

ShockWiz officially went to market in March 2017. The device was extremely well received and sold out within weeks.

We continue to support SRAM with electronics, firmware, web software, native app, and UI/UX development.

Cyclists on a track testing ShockWiz
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