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Bullant Underground Tray

Productivity in Tough Conditions

The Bullant tray was designed for an Atlas Copco MT6020 underground mining truck, engineered to outperform the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)’s solution.


We came up with the conceptual design from the ground up, all the way through the product development process to planned production.

Atlas Copco MT6020 with Bullant tray, on site
CAD model of Bullant tray

We undertook:

  • Integration on OEM chassis

  • Full detailing of all parts

  • Iterative FEA analysis of entire tray structure

  • Trialing with mine-site and DT HiLoad R&D team

  • Development of some jigs and fixtures for planned production.

The tray we developed was 25% lighter than the original manufacturers solution and achieved a 12% increase in material volume transported. It also had better payload ejection and payload hang-up than the original.

Bullant tray, freshly painted
Atlas Copco MT6020 with Bullant tray, on site

After 2 successful trials at a mine site in Western Australia, the tray was proven to provide maximum payload to the end user without overloading the truck.

Bullant tray 3D render
Bullant tray being fabricated in workshop
Atlas Copco MT6020 with Bullant tray, on site
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