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Making hydraulics maintenance safe

HydraTune is a wireless hydraulic tuning system for heavy machinery in the mining industry. The goal is to remove technicians away from dangerous equipment using devices that transmit critical sensor data and allow tuning adjustments to be made remotely.

01_Hydratune_Device render 07.png
HydraTune website home page

Building the brand

HydraTune came to us with an existing logo that we broke down, researched, and updated. We then created a brand around that new design, delivering a colour palette, business cards, pitch template, and a website.

More than a metal box

For the equipment-mounted devices, we created a functional design with lots of features according to the client’s needs, such as a removable battery and drop resistance. But the job didn’t end there. We gave it a premium look and feel using anodised machined aluminium to appeal to the target market.

Our UI/UX and Mechanical teams are collaborating to make these designs manufacturable before they are prototyped in our own workshop.

An EEA designer works on HydraTune industrial design
EEA Cranio Pro-IO IoT data logging and control device

Powered by Cranio

HydraTune will feature our internally developed and manufactured IoT data logging and control system, Cranio. This will speed up development of electronics, firmware, and software, enabling product trials in early 2023.

Native Application

Our app engineers have developed a robust app that enables qualified technicians to remotely diagnose issues and tune hydraulics systems. The interface includes a control box, flow meter, and actuator control. It is an essential part of the system, coming pre-installed on a rugged tablet.

HydraTune SafeAdjust native app on rugged Getac tablet

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