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Brochure design at Element - the HydraTune SafeAdjust system.

Dive into the Overview and Technical Specifications brochure for the HydraTune SafeAdjust, a new system by our client Koodaideri Innovation and Technology that greatly reduces the risk of injury for hydraulic technicians.

These brochures will debut at the WA Mining Conference and Exhibition this week in Perth.

Hats off to our lead UI/UX designer, Kathryn, for her incredible brochure design work in bringing these to life. Shoutout to Snap Printing in Malaga for turning out incredible prints!

Along with branding and marketing for HydraTune, our UI/UX team joined forces with our engineers and developers to shape the mechanical devices and ensure an exceptional user experience on the tablet app.

In product development, what is on the outside counts just as much as the hardware and software engineered within!


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