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The plastic injection moulding machine is clean and ready to go!

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

How amazing is this... we had one of the previous customers of this machine make contact with us after seeing my little video and offer his moulds used on this machine to be run as test samples.

The power of LinkedIn... its pretty awesome!

It's also been amazing to hear from different people all around Australia wanting us to get stuck into using this plastic injection moulding machine, for reasons beyond becoming another standalone shop!

We have given the machine a thorough clean, and waiting on a few parts to finalise its rebuild. We have also picked up an old mould (shown in pics) as well as having access to the production mould from the previous client.

Thanks everyone for the support so far, it really means a lot. Some amazing people willing to help, with a wealth of knowledge at hand!

I feel this is the community we really should be building in-order to strengthen our Australian manufacturing industry.

I'm working on our own mould designs and will bounce some ideas off these 'Gandalf level pros' I have fortuitously been connected with.

Once we get the parts for the machine, let's make some stuff and start the learning.

What sort of video would you guys like to see? The blood, sweat and tears, or just the highlight reel!

I'd be interested to know what people would find engaging to the broader Australian manufacturing industry, to bring light to this community.

I'm finding showing the complexity of manufacturing shows how interesting it is, as well as the skills you actually need to do things right. Maybe my learning on the job could be shown against those with life long skills and show that this industry is alive and well, and the sharing and support across the community is here.

We could use this as some sort of project to bring more light to our amazing little manufacturing industry that needs help from the bigger brother industries and try get them to do more work here locally!

Let's do something awesome!


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