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The ShockWiz story | From idea, to Kickstarter, to SRAM, to launch

ShockWiz was the first proper IoT product I worked on, end to end. And what a wonderful rollercoaster it was! 


Taking a vision like Nigel Wade's and bringing teams of people together across Mechanical, Electronics and Software domains is just the start of the challenge. 


But, in my opinion, what gets these products to market and makes them successful, is GRIT. 


People like Nigel have the GRIT required to do all the hard stuff, so the product is just seamless when you use it. 


SRAM purchased the rights to ShockWiz early on in the piece, and then provided a massive amount of support and funding to take a proper polished product to market. 


They understand the true attention to detail required as well as what it takes to allow those people undertaking the work to get their job done. 


It was a true collaboration! 


I am very grateful to have been part of it, and to still continue to do amazing, challenging and rewarding work with the wonderful people at SRAM, as well as working on some top secret, game changing stuff with Nigel!  


IoT is hard... I say that A LOT... I know!


Check out my chat with Nigel regarding the fun and very intense times developing ShockWiz. 


We hope you get a feel for the level of complexity involved in creating a world class consumer IoT product. 


Shoot me a message if you have any questions!


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