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Bringing voice-to-text and ChatGPT to our business management software

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Stacks of worklogs, quotes, and invoices keep piling up and you can’t process them all fast enough, throttling your income! 🧾📥💸

We’re trying to speed up this process by adding an exciting new feature to our own BusMan business management software – soon everyone will be able to input worklogs and other data by simply speaking to the app!

From voice to text, then off to ChatGPT to be converted into commands that can be interpreted by the BusMan database, which fills the form out for you with uncanny accuracy.

Our business manager Jess and lead native app software engineer Ravinder will put the new version through its paces.

We’re looking forward to testing this new feature in house before rolling it out for some other very interested parties!

Could your management process benefit from this ChatGPT business feature?


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