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Dads on tour! 🚙💨 Shannons Targa Rallysprint Rd 3, 19th January 2023

Ayrton, our company director, and Leigh met at their girls’ pre-primary and bonded over their love of motorsports, which they participated in some ten years ago before the work trucks and dad wagons took over. You can imagine how keen they were to get back on the track for the Shannons Targa Rallysprint Rd 3 2023 at the Perth Motorplex.

Motorsports inspired Element Engineering from the very beginning, using high-end data loggers in race cars to understand what’s really going on, properly understand a system, make changes, and validate their effects. Racing is an extreme environment perfect for testing our new industrial IoT system Cranio and giving another engineering outlet to our staff.

Our goal now is to come back, build this car up, and incorporate some of our IoT devices so that people can interact with and track car data in real time via a mobile app. Watch this space!


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