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Harnessing Python to create great software fast for IoT.

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

We’re all about creating things fast and doing interesting things with data. That’s why we use the Python programming language to get it done quickly. 🐍🧑‍💻💨

Element recently hosted the Python WA Meetup group for pizza and a presentation on why and how we use Python for client projects and our own upcoming Cranio IoT system.

It was great to meet other passionate developers, students, and rising star coders, and we look forward to seeing their work in the future!

Firmware engineer Yonathan took our guests through some of our backend code, while Ayrton laid out the way we are developing generic solutions for industrial systems.

We think that IoT should be democratised. Everybody should be able to go through their data, understand it, and reconfigure their devices in the field to give them the information they actually need.


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