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Merry Christmas, everyone!

A very Merry Christmas from all of us at Element Engineering Australia to our clients, family, friends, and wider community. May the unwrapping, playing, mingling, feasting, and resting be of unparalleled excellence, like this Blender-crafted treat from our graphic designer Nicole Brown!

A little poem to round out the year:

‘Tis a hot day before Christmas in the year 2022, Time to sip cold IPAs as we relax and review, Our new Pick-and-place and CNC machines received a warm introduction, Bringing home reliable prototyping and batch production, We heard the clacking of software developers diligently typing, As water sloshed through hundreds of metres of PVC piping, Next door was acquired, our workshop greatly expanded, Clients dazzled as their businesses were beautifully rebranded, Not all that occurred was to plan or desirous, As we dealt with supply issues and an energy-sucking virus, But the borders were opened and to the skies we were flung, From the high plains of Spearfish to the lights of Taichung, Here’s to exciting new developments of which you’ll soon be hearing, Merry Christmas from the team here at Element Engineering!


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