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Plastic injection moulding capabilities have arrived at Element.

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

It's sad to hear the same story over and over in local manufacturing.

We purchased this plastic injection moulding machine through the local auctions. Fantastic for us and serves our mission of learning more on the workshop floor to be better engineers, and hopefully make stuff locally with good margin.

But, to hear the same scenario many times... It’s got me thinking... How can I try make the industry better?

There are two undertones I'm seeing, as my rant goes on in the video.

- No-one to really take over the businesses.

- Businesses and people 'cruising' and not really helping to improve the industry around them.

Call me crazy... but I would love my kids to have an industry that makes things and produces high value products from those valuable materials we pull out of the ground just up the road!

I also really love engineering and doing the hard stuff, probably too much! I think we have become pretty good at digging in deep, understanding domains, and being able to play in them at world class level. It just takes effort.

This will be good for our business, good for our customers as we become better engineers, and hopefully we can make some stuff locally and be better for the local industry.

But maybe that's just me!


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