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Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) vs native mobile apps | Perth Mobile App Developers Meetup

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) vs native mobile apps – which is best for your project?


On May 8th, Leigh Kendell from Hatchd and Aranda Morrison from Adapptor went head-to-head on that topic at the Perth Mobile App Developers Meetup.


The result was a measured appreciation for both options with a detailed comparison of features, examples of PWAs out in the wild, best use cases, and a view towards the future.


Our software team leader Ravinder Bhandari had his own take on PWAs from Element’s perspective, as we design Bluetooth-intensive native apps for industrial IoT systems.


Check out the full presentation from Leigh and Aranda (in the first comment below) if you missed out!


The other speaker on the night was Gil Moshayof from ANZ, who told us his story working at Waze during its unique ‘no code review’ bubble despite being within Google.


Love mobile apps and wish you were there? Head here for details of upcoming events.

Thanks to Ryan and the team at Adapptor for hosting the meetup once again!


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