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Solving liquid silicone injection mould machining challenges with SOLIDWORKS, Mastercam, and G-code.

We tried something and it didn't work, but we found a way... we always do!

Thanks so much to the injection moulding pros of Australia for your invaluable feedback.

High quality injection moulding is alive and well in Australia! There is an awesome brains trust here who are happy to collaborate and innovate together for a better industry.

We are still in the learning phase. Everything about Cranio is teaching us how to provide professional grade value to clients in new domains, with the risk on us only.

Without doing this sort of internal work and constant learning, we wouldn't be able to provide the services we do.

All our current services started when we learned the tools, worked out what is state-of-the-art, and pushed to make our own cutting-edge tech.

Once we get the process down, we offer it to clients.

These videos are just starting to show the fun stuff that we have always done to make cool stuff happen!

I love my job. Working with amazing people and being energised from those industry leaders all wanting to help and make a better local manufacturing industry makes it very easy to get stuck in every day!

And our own products are coming along... much slower than I would like. But that is just part of being bootstrapped and forging our own destiny.

At very minimum, we learn something to be able to provide value to the next client. But at best, we make something awesome!

The moulds are now in the machine... Part 2 is happening.

Let us know your thoughts on the longer form content also!

Cheers All.


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