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The challenges with IoT at the Perth Mobile App Developers Meetup at Adapptor.

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

App development is BLOODY HARD! App development for IoT is also BLOODY HARD, but in a different way.

What if we collaborated and brought skills together to solve hard problems?

What if we all played to our strengths and leveraged what others have, cohesively?

What if we came together for the better of the WA industry & our future as a technology and innovation world leader?

What if we could make the industry better for our kids?

Greater output, specialist skills always increasing, not overlapping.

Higher productivity. Limited time and resources. More output for less input.

We were privileged to be invited by Ryan Crawley and the team at Adapptor to present at their Mobile App Developers Perth Meetup last week. We spoke specifically on app development for IoT.

Adapptor are an amazing bunch of people! They also make world class apps!

Leading up to the event Marc Loveridge and Aranda Morrison took us in like one of their team and showed us exactly how they make some of Western Australia, and indeed Australia's, best apps!

Marc told me about his vision for the company that was "Only App Development." Not web apps... not even making their own website.

DAMN... that's a good strategy... and it's definitely working! Something I need to learn from!

Big apps. Huge numbers of users. Huge numbers of transactions. Apps people rely on, daily!

I love IoT, but it has different challenges.

There will be fun stuff to work on together in the future.

It's inspiring to be invited in with open arms by others who truly think alike and have built a team with the same values as ours.

And it's also inspiring to meet the community of developers doing amazing things right here in little old Innovation Powerhouse Perth!

Let’s come together and make more cool & impactful things happen!


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