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Using Whisper AI voice recognition software for better user experiences.

We recently visited Sentient Computing, local experts in virtual and augmented reality training and experiences, to shoot a video for them in their Igloo Vision immersive space and give some input into their marketing.

Their developers have some great ideas that they are putting into practice, such as integrating the new OpenAI Whisper voice recognition software into their virtual experiences.

Taking complex ‘stuff’, and telling meaningful stories is hard!

Doug and his team at Sentient do amazing things. Using gaming technology to help people better understand their roles in immersive environments.

I’ve tried making these sorts of environments using CAD modelling and their package extensions. It was always tedious, although could be easier these days (I haven’t tried for a fair few years).

But Doug’s background is creating control systems from scratch! So using gaming tech and then having the freedom to overlay SCADA data in realtime, or any other data for that matter, creates a whole new paradigm in the way we can work.

We got the opportunity to shoot a few videos of the Sentient Team doing their thing. David and Kathryn are our own master storytellers who have amazing abilities to take all the techy wizardry we do, and make it into something consumable by anyone who watches on! Super proud of our team, as we work toward showing just how good our local tech and manufacturing industries truly are!

We have a lot more to show, and would love more opportunities to show off local innovations. Let’s get stuck in, to do great stuff, together!

Check out more of Sentient's work here!


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