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We love these new circuit boards fresh off the assembly line!

Our lead electronics engineer Alan introduced a new policy to use this bright hue for our prototypes to differentiate them from production parts and, of course, to make them go faster. 馃弾馃挩

These are the first 5 Control and Compute modules for our stackable and chainable IoT data logger Cranio, a smart distributed systems of devices for professional and prosumer applications.

This is the cellular version and includes:

路 MIMO 4G CAT 1 cellular comms

路 LoRa Modem

路 Bluetooth comms for local configuration and device updates

路 Powerful microprocessor for interfacing with other devices at high speed through our wired and wireless comms

路 RTK capable GPS with 2cm spatial resolution

路 SD card slot for fast long-term storage of sensor data

The quality of the soldering on these boards is due to our precision pick-and-place machine and the use of a vapour phase reflow oven.


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