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We used FEA, 3D Printing, and CNC machining to optimise the BenStop GP 20/40 Door Brace.

There’s still room in this high-tech world for innovation in static mechanical products, like this sturdy GP 20/40 Door Brace developed by our client BenStop.

This canary creation safeguards against the unintended movement of open shipping container doors, ensuring a secure gateway that prevents injuries and entrapments.

After receiving the prototype from BenStop, our engineers used FEA analysis to strengthen the design, ensuring the brace would function safely at high wind speeds.

We refined the ergonomics of the brace by 3D printing different handle geometries so that our clients could get a good feel for it, then printed an entire brace out of an engineering plastic for test fitting.

We machined two braces from 6061-T6 aluminium for testing and marketing using our DMG MORI 5-axis DMU-50 CNC machine.

Finally, we refined the brace design for casting, working with a local manufacturer to ensure the brace can be reliably moulded.

We’re proud to help engineer a safer & sturdier world!

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