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Why bring liquid silicon rubber injection moulding in-house?

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

We've been pretty aggressive with the way we're trying to do things internally.

It means we've got not only full control over the design but also open feedback from the workshop and the chance to make quick adjustments to the process.

This is our BabyPlast liquid silicon rubber injection moulding machine, part of our new manufacturing capabilities enabling end-to-end industrial IoT production right here Western Australia.

Normally to make LSR parts you have to deal with high volume minimum orders and large complex moulds, which are not cheap nor easy to make.

We got this smaller BabyPlast because we need:

- Lower volumes

- Many different design iterations

- High quality

Our moulds are engineered, machined, and refined in-house with our CNC mills.

Thanks to Perth & Antonio here at Element and Zoltan from Consonic for taking care of the commissioning process! You guys navigated some tricky bucket aperture and sensor issues, as well as produced and installed our first in-house mould.

We’re excited to do manufacturing locally and doing it as best we can!


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