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The product development experts.

We provide custom engineering services that solve problems, make improvements, and create entirely new solutions across a wide range of industries.

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Taking your idea to market.

Our expertise in high-end mechanical engineering, using technology to simulate and optimise virtual designs ready for real-world manufacturing, could be just what your project needs.

Understand the forces experienced by your products in real time with our smart IoT data logging system, developed and customised in-house by our electronics, software, and UI/UX engineers.

SRAM ShockWiz device and mobile app


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Ideas & Sketches

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Initial Production

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Volume Production

A CNC machinist operates a DMG MORI NLX 2500|700 lathe in Malaga, Perth, Western Australia

Fast, Precise, Onshore.

We’re not just a design house. Our facilities can quickly manufacture high quality prototypes and batch production runs right here in Western Australia, fit for the most demanding industries.

We offer precision circuit board assembly, CNC machining, general fabrication, liquid silicon injection moulding, 3D printing, and more.


Product Development


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Web Software

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Native App

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PCB Assembly

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CNC Machining

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General Fabrication

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Liquid Silicone

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3D Printing

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Laser Engraving


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Injection Moulding

Our engineering teams are guided by experienced leaders, some with over 30 years in their field, and we've developed sustainable business practices ensuring we will always be there when you

need us.

We pride ourselves at collaborating efficiently at one location. Visit our Perth headquarters to see for yourself!

A collage of team leader profiles at Element Engineering Australia.
A Cranio Pro-io IoT data logger and control device.

Make your product smart and take it to market quickly using Cranio, our generic IoT data logging system that can be customised for your needs without being rebuilt from scratch.

Get real time data insights from the field with our reliable software, intuitive user interface, and rugged Internet-connected devices manufactured right here in our workshop.

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