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Getting up early to train for the Hawaiian Ride For Youth 2024

As a business owner, there aren't too many people you can talk to about certain things. 


But I can only imagine how hard it is for our youth these days. 


Cycling used to just be something I did for fitness so I could enjoy mountain biking more on the weekends. 


But it became so much more!


It became pivotal to me showing up as the best version of myself, for my family and my team... every day! 


Mental health is no joke and affects everyone. 


I feel privileged to be taking part in the Ride for Youth, to support Youth Focus and the mental health of our young people. 


Especially having two beautiful kids of my own, I can only hope support is there if they ever need it! 


Youth Focus do amazing things! Let’s support them, in supporting our youth. 


1 more week of the early starts and intense training sessions! 


Thanks so much to all those that have donated so far, and thanks to Peter Trench for putting together an amazing training program for all of us.


Get your donations in to keep getting me out of bed, ready for this huge 700km ride!


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