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Training tech-minded tradespeople with David Goldsmith from North Regional Tafe

Industries are always evolving, so it's crucial that tomorrow’s tradespeople understand the technology they're working with.

We recently hosted David Goldsmith from North Regional TAFE for his College Lecturer Industry Placement (CLIP) program to keep up to date with current industry standards and practices.

He chose Element because he wanted to see something different – our emerging Cranio IoT technology, firmware expertise, and the high-quality manufacturing capabilities we’ve brought in house to support both development and production.

Integrated smart devices, like the Hydratune SafeAdjust system by our client Koodaideri Innovation and Technology, are making workplaces safer and more efficient.

But there will always be a high demand for skilled tradespeople to come in and build the infrastructure that supports the technology.

We wish David’s students all the best as they prepare for successful careers on the cutting edge of machining, fabrication, and beyond!


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