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Faster electronics production with Cranio | FTF & Calibration Fixture for Koodaideri’s HydraTune

Fixtures for volume manufacture are usually complex and expensive. But maybe... no longer! 


To get a product to any reasonable level of production, you need production fixtures. 


In IoT, you will have multiple fixtures. You may have one for each assembly stage. Each one needs to test different aspects of the assembly - electronically, mechanically, and with software. 


This is important because if you find an issue at that stage of the assembly, you can either try to fix that particular product, or scrap it without consuming any more parts or time. 


This fixture, created for our client Koodaideri Innovation & Technology's product HydraTune, is a combination Functional Test Fixture (FTF) and Calibration Fixture.  

Our lead Electronics Manufacturing Engineer Gary Ng and firmware engineer Yonathan Cahyadi put it through its paces, checking each component and ensure everything is A-OK.

The FTF stage tests that all the components and subsystems on the circuit board work as expected. 


The Calibration stage calibrates the sensors and actuators against precision references in the fixture, to ensure the end product works as closely as possible to the required output. 


Before we developed Cranio, each fixture would be a standalone system, specific to the needs of the production. 


But now with Cranio being a generic data logging and control system that we can apply to nearly anything, we can use it to make the production fixture. 


Cranio; flashing, testing and calibrating Cranio devices! 


It's this way we can get more products to market faster and at a lower cost of ownership, to all involved, by reusing and constantly improving the ecosystem. The same electronics, code, and some shared mechanicals, getting better all the time!


The advantages in time and cost are provided to our clients. And we are very thankful they have chosen to be part of this journey with us. Trusting in the ecosystem to power their devices and production. 


Why not do more things faster, together?


Let us know if we can help with your IoT product or production system. We may have a solution! 


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