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The power of FEA simulation, analysis, and virtual prototyping in product development

Heart-breaking, is the only word I have... to explain the feeling when a client comes to us with a broken product and a spent budget! 

Dan and I sat down for a podcast style chat, to try give some insight into how we use Finite Element Analysis (FEA). 

We would love to see more people using these amazing tools for their projects, and us spending less time fixing things when the tools haven't been used right. 

For background, FEA was one of the first major services we brought into the business. It’s why the business is named Element Engineering. 

We have done A LOT of FEA over the years, from truck trays, to mining robots, to plastic moulded decking supports, to LSR rubber seals.

We love it! It's an amazing tool in mechanical product development. 

Just make sure you use it properly, and we can all get on with making amazing, high value, and well-designed products! 


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