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It’s alive! ⚡📶🔄 A stepper motor turning back and forth might not seem like much, but...

This is our Cranio IoT system in which all devices speak the same language!

It is the result of several years hard work on wireless electronic design, embedded software, backend code and native mobile app dev.

We wanted to stop replicating effort and create a system generic enough to interface with any end-point at the edge, whether a sensor, actuator, or other device.

The system can create a high-speed autonomous distributed control network at the edge. Or it could allow you to monitor and control a sensor or actuator via the internet hundreds of kilometres away.

Cranio eliminates the need to develop your own code for your project, making IoT easier for everyone.

We are doing the hard part so we can all use IoT effortlessly, cheaper, and faster!

There’s still lots of work to be done, but we are looking forward to showing you how we can apply this technology to almost anything very soon!


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