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Ingress protection (IP) testing ensures the HydraTune SafeAdjust system is ready for action.

Design reiterations and a lot of dunks down a massive test tube – that is how you ensure precious internal electronics remain bone dry and dust free!

The HydraTune SafeAdjust system by our client Koodaideri Innovation and Technology includes a mechanical device, the Satellite Pod, comprised of two interlocking components, the Comms System and Power Supply, which need to have ingress protection (IP) ratings of IP66 to withstand the harsh conditions of the hydraulic maintenance industry.

We used a 2-metre-tall acrylic tube filled with water for our own ingress protection (IP) tests to validate our mechanical designs and make sure the seals we selected are fit for purpose. 🦭

It’s not always an exact science and there are many factors to take into account, such as rubber Duro hardness, O-ring placement, groove tolerances, extrusion gaps, spring stiffness, and more.

The interlocking electronic contacts of this product provided a real challenge, but Minh & the other mechanical engineers here at Element were up for the task!


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