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We just built a gaming PC for mechanical simulations.

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Get the most out of your software licenses!

We’ve built a new PC to churn out mechanical simulations, such as FEA, DEM, and CFD, faster. And rather than purchasing a proprietary model, we’ve chosen to build it ourselves using hardy and easily available gaming PC components.

Breakdowns? Easy to fix with spare parts lying around the office.

Improvements in PC technology have certainly come a long way, from our first tower chugging loudly through simulations in Mum and Dad’s shed 15 years ago, through to today’s 13th generation core i9 processors.

We’ve found that balance between high performance and reliability, using a mild overclock to optimise the exact number of cores our SolidWorks and Ansys licenses allow.

This upgrade has given us a 35% boost in performance for around $10,000, giving us greater output for less time and cost. That’s what cost effective engineering is all about!

And very importantly, it looks fantastic and adds colour to our mech engineers’ days! 🌈


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